The Early Years

On August 26th, 1989, a group of "renegade" Doctor Who fans formed a Wisconsin state registered organization. The primary mission of the club was to support Doctor Who. Through the TV series "Wilderness Years" from 1990 through 2004, the club sustained our fandom with regular events, fanzines, a fan video production, a Monty Python night, two murder mysteries, local vendor tours, convention support and public TV pledge drives. We enjoyed the social and creative aspects of being in a club as much as our love of Doctor Who.


After more than 20 years of keeping the fire of fandom alive, we continue on into the current era of online connectivity. We remain a paper newsletter and regular meeting-based club but open to new ways to reach out to social media based fans. We consider fandom to be a healthy interest that encourages creativity, discussion of our interests and prompts to do good works for the community. We love the Doctor but we also love how the series has led to friendships and more. We invite you to be one of us online or at one of our meetings.

The MTL holds public meetings twice a month on 1st and 3rd Saturday nights at prearranged locations. One meeting a week normally has a business meeting. Other meeting will just have announcements. Each meeting features scheduled presentations or an occasional "gaming" or "potluck video" night. The club has invested in an excellent system that is assembled within about a half hour.

There is a well-stocked and soda & snack bar run by Barbara Brown, our newsletter editor. You are permitted to bring outside food. Please try to arrive promptly at 5:00 PM. You can find full and current details in our events calendar. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter which includes our meetings and events.

We are curious about our world so we board our TARDIS and enjoy area attractions and events. Our past events include: Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Great America, Museum of Science and Industry, Time Museum, The Trolley Museum in East Troy, Milwaukee County Zoo and Summerfest.

Currently, we have settled upon regular and most popular events we do every year. These events include Bristol Renaissance Faire, Milwaukee lakefront fireworks, Wisconsin State Fair and Bowling for Daleks. We volunteer for MTPV Friends for each on-air pledge drive as our regular community service and outreach. If you tune in on Saturday evening on pledge night, you might see us.

Summer Picnic

Annual Picnic

Featured Events

Safehouse Night
Annual Picnic
Anniversary Dinner
Lytheria Halloween Party
Dalekmas Party
Chicago TARDIS

Board Members


Club By Laws

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  • President - Christopher Cebula

  • Vice-President - Office Vacant

  • Treasurer - Rudy Puerzer

  • Secretary - Barbara Brown

  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Alex Dockerty

  • Videos - C. Madsen

  • Events - Position Vacant

  • Publicity - Julie Frey

  • Newsletter - Barbara Brown

  • Website - Julie Frey

  • Parliamentarian - Christopher Cebula

Past club Presidents at 20th Anniversary Dinner Cruise

Past Club Presidents

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