Celebrating 25 Years of Fandom!

It's time for all fans both from classic eras and the New Series to unite!

Who Are We?

We all love Doctor Who. That's what we share in common. Some of us are members of "classic" fan clubs with regular meetings, events and even paper newsletters. Our club celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. "Classic" series fans and club members bring lots of experience and knowledge of how to keep members engaged through both ups and downs in any television series. New series fans bring creativity, new ideas and passionate support for Doctor Who. We need both types of fans to keep the flame of Doctor Who alive for years to come.

How To Make Doctor Who More Fun!

Consider joining our club and discovering what it means to be a member of a "classic" club. With Doctor Who in mind you can enjoy area events and activities even better. Time Lords love to travel, play games, learn about history or go back in time to ages long ago. You can do all these things as a member of our club. Take a look at our Events calendar and see what we do all through the year. You are welcome to contribute your ideas to our club at our meetings if you know of any event or programming that you like. Our programming meetings are held at meetings so you get input at that time. -- Julie K. Frey, Milwaukee Time Lords Publicity

Connect With Us