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Founded August 26, 1989 from a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Doctor Who club, we are a Milwaukee science fiction club that supports primarily the British television series Doctor Who. We feature a real printed Doctor Who newsletter The Relative Times, regular meetings and annual events. Here's your chance to connect and share your love for anything cool on TV and the movies.

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Meetings And Events

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Our meetings are free and open to the public. Mayfair Mall meetings: We close the door after meeting starts and we must clear and clean room by 9 pm. For Luther Memorial meetings, please arrive by 7 pm to ensure access to building, normally kept secure. We hold a business meeting each month, alternating with brief announcements only. At both locations we feature a snack bar. Outside food is OK at both locations.

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Our ChicagoTARDIS Fan Table

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Every year at Chicago TARDIS, we have a fan table. If you are at the convention, please stop by and help us out. Fan clubs are what connect you the fan to the local community. Help us reach out to Doctor Who fans who may not know of a way to express their love of theh show besides social media or the Internet. Subscribe to our newsletter. Form your own group in your area. We've been doing this for 26 years so we'd be glad to help you keep fandom alive everywhere.

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We offer memberships for individuals and families. We also offer Relative Times newsletter subscriptions for those who are unable to attend our meetings. We publish 8 issues per year, mailed promptly packed with news, feature articles, humor and club information. Regular membership includes discounts at selected Milwaukee area dealers. It's worth checking this out if you are a fan of popular media.

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