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We celebrate our 24th year as a club. Explore this page for a look back at 24 years of history as a club. Our Facebook gallery covers all eras.

If you have any photos for a Doctor Who club (ours or yours), why not share them? There's a comment section below. Let us know your best club memories.

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Gallery on Facebook

Remembering Marti
Club Founding Day
20th Year Picnic
20th Anniversary Cruise
Early Years
MTL Hockey Night
MPTV Pledge Drive
2010 Safehouse Night
MSOE Meeting
ChicagoTardis 2010
2012 Safehouse Night
2012 Concinnity XII
Assorted Wall Photos
2012 Renaissance Faire

Videos on Facebook

2012 Fireworks Clip
House on the Rock 2012 Clip
Bristol Renaissance Faire Clip
Doctor Who Timey Wimey Clip at DragonCon 2013

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