Our meetings are free and open to the public. We open and begin room set up at start time. For Mayfair Mall meetings, we must close the door after meeting starts. Also, we must clear and clean room by 9 pm sharp. For Luther Memorial Lutheran Church meetings, please arrive by 7 pm to ensure access to building, normally kept secure. We hold a business meeting each month, alternating with brief announcements only. At both locations we feature a snack bar and regular gaming activity. Outside food is OK at both locations. If this is your first visit, say "hello" and look for a way to help out.


Sign up sheets for events are available at meetings. If you are interested in participating it is important that we know so that we can arrange meetings times and locations. Read the "About" page for examples of our past events. Some events require advance reservation and sometimes payment. Contact our current Events Chairperson for event details. We love Milwaukee and enjoy area attractions and events. We are primarily a social club that likes to get out, but in the spirit of a wandering Time Lord. If you are out of town, see us at our table at ChicagoTardis.
New calender now on by KeepandShare. Other embedded objects available, too, including photo albums and shared files. NEW FEATURE: #MilwaukeeTimeLords is the official Twitter tag for MTL meetings and events.  photo sharing websites