After 20 Years -- Looking Ahead

On August 26th, 1989, a group of "renegade" Doctor Who fans belonging to a local college-based club formed a private, non-profit organization. Adding a mix of other science fiction programs and comedy programs helped ensure variety at meetings.  After the end of the classic Who series in 1989, MTL members kept the club alive with regular events (picnic, Ren Faire, etc), fanzines, a fan video production, a Monty Python night, two murder mysteries, local vendor tours, active convention support and local community events, such as public TV pledge drives.  Eventually, Doctor Who made its way back in the form of audio productions (Big Finish), the 1996 American-produced TV movie and the new series launched in 2005.

Today, The Milwaukee Time Lords remains a cohesive organization because we have a solid business model that sustains us and a sense of fun and adventure that make our meetings and events worth the effort. We proudly hold our club as an example of sustainable offline science fiction fandom. We move ahead into the future by making use of online networking sites such as our new Facebook page. Please stop by and become a fan. Share your thoughts about science fiction fandom and clubs. We still have our blog, but it could use more activity. If you want to join a Milwaukee Time Lords blog pool, please send a message and I'll give you access.  Julie, website admin

Special Events

Safehouse Night
Club members meet at the Milwaukee area spy themed restaurant for dining and general mystery intrigue near the end of March.

Annual Picnic
One very special in-house event is our annual picnic in June held at Hoyt Park, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Our picnic features a game we created called "Whoball", which is a variation of baseball designed for people of any level of athletic ability to play and for fans of Doctor Who. Here is an old copy of the rules.
Other games include badmitton, croquet, bocci ball and frisbee. As is customary for Milwaukee area picnics, our food includes grilled brats and hamburgers along with fresh fruit, veggies and member supplied side and dessert treats.

Anniversary Dinner
Every year, we celebrate our club founding in August or September. Currently our favorite dining establishment is Athens Restaurant in Milwaukee. Afterwards, we meet for games and "potluck videos".

Halloween Party
Currently, we attend the Lytheria Halloween party held on the last Saturday in October, courtesy of master of the house, Lee Schneider. The boarding house features a costume contest, Halloween videos and lots of food and drink. Each year, Lytheria dresses up in a special theme. Past themes have included, X-Men, Babylon 5, the Golden Compass and Lord of the Rings.

Dalekmas Party
Our annual Dalekmas party, held on the second meeting day in December and features a gift exchange and "pot luck" videos.  Members bring their favorate dishes and treats for dinner.